Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Just thought i should post

Short story: On the 21st, went to caroline's house for a chritmas party till 1am( supposed to be till 10 30pm XD ). It was fun! Met new people, ate alot, played games, exchange gifts, sang carols, etc.

Hmm..what else do i post about. I think i'll talk bout anime.
It is a beautiful art which takes years of skill. Sadly, my skill still needs help. You be the judge okay? Not judge as in having a panel and everything. Well, you get it right? =)

I'm thinking of doing a flashback now. I think i will ! XD
I will use one pic for each event. I'm pretty lazy so yea...=p

*Events not in order and all were taken in 2008 except one

The michelle pose in class! 4E <3

The day we went to ICC

Kem Qiadah IV ( Not a flattering moment XP )

A so-called normal day in class?

After mid-year party =D

Form 4 class performance on stage. Which we won third! Yes, surprising but true. Haha..

(PO the panda!) Michelle's birthday

At Muara beach for YDM's beach trip. Me and caroline =)

Winning the basketball interhouse 2008! Go Hulubalang!
( Seated with our opponent on that day, Pahlawan )

Youth Camp 2008! Try to find me if you can! XD

In HK with Vanessa, my bestie! And her family of course! The most memorable trip of my life! *In 2007

Oh! And of course my sweet 16 <3
Thnx for putting cream on my face that day guys!*Sense sarcasm*
Hope all the bowling and karaoke was fun =p

There are many other events. I probably didn't remember all and i don't have pictures from each and every event. Gomenasai!

Time flies so fast. It is a truly great year!

Till next time,


Friday, May 16, 2008


The family will be back together again in July. Jevan will be back on 11th, KK 1st July (I think) and Yan, still waiting for confirmation.

So when would u cats like to go to KK for the family holiday?

Friday, February 22, 2008


My first time at Wagamama

Wagamama special ramen!


Ebi curry ramen

Once again, the infamous G&D brownie sundae

Oh what a fattening day ~

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Well, for starters the Pang family didnt celebrate this year due to grandma's bereavement last year. We did a tiny bit of visiting. I say tiny for me cos I only went to like 3 houses....Jacyn went to loads tho....chauferred by her bf in his new white Mazda CX-7. The kids followed us occasionally. I even ended up in Miri overnight on the weekend cos it was so quiet in Brunei. Yep, u heard it. I think everyone was outstation cos of the long weekend cos the usual rowdy gambling crowds were not around. I think I'm getting old...cant be bothered to do the house hopping thing eventho I was invited to 2 open house today...didnt go to a single one...Yup old...and my bday is next month *groan*

So work starts tomorrow after a 4 day break....sigh...back to the drawing board...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Change of Layout

Hey, wat do u think of this layout dat i've jes chnaged,kei? Honestly, no offence yea... i really think dat d layout dat u chose b4 was not appropriate b'cos it was like a 'wedding' layout, so i decided to try n set a layout for d first time of my life n now i've realised how. I know.. i know.. i'm jes an amateur so dun laugh.. well, i tried my best to perfect it!

Anyway, i still have 6 more papers to go den it'll be freedom!! Yay! I'm definitelty gonna lepak wif my frens after my A'levels hehe.. We'r gonna watch movies, go to each other's hse, cook and the list goes on.. b4 we start working that is! Ohh speaking of movies, my sis Jessie brought all of the kids(Jason, Janice, Jasper, Jerome) including Jerrard n myself to watch Chicken Little. It was a really grrreeeaaattt movie n hilarious too =D I really recommend to watch dat movie! Too bad Jances is'nt here in Brunei to watch dat movie wif us tho'.

I gtg cos my bro is waiting to use the computer n he's getting very very impatient. I'll post again after my exams yea so.. tata for now! =)

Monday, October 17, 2005

'A' Level exams!!!

Finally.... i decided to post here today cos Jances's d one who has been posting so far. Well.. i jes came back from my grandma's place n while i was there, i read the Borneo Bulletin which said that there's gonna be a partial lunar eclipse later at arnd 5.51pm n 8+pm! The next one would be on sept 8 next year tho'.

Anywayz.. i'm already having my study leave since 12th Oct n here's my exam timetable;

11th Oct--> Chemistry 5(A2 pract)
13th Oct--> Chemistry 3(As pract)
25th Oct--> Biology 3(As pract)
26th Oct--> Mathematics 4 (mechanics 1)
27th Oct--> Biology 5(A2 pract)
31st Oct--> Mathematics 3 (pure maths 3)
11th Nov-->General Paper 1,2 (8-10.40am)
------------>Chemistry 2 (As 2.30-3.45pm)
------------>Chemistry 6 (A2 4.15-5.15pm)
16th Nov-->Chemistry 1 (As 8-9am)
------------>Chemistry 4 (A2 9.30-10.45am)
21st Nov-->Biology 2 (As 2-3.15pm)
------------>Biology 6 (A2 3.30-4.45pm)
22nd Nov-->Biology 1 (As 8-9am)
-------------->Biology 4 (A2 9.30-10.45am)

Pheww.. it took me so long just to write out d timetable above! Notice dat for Chemistry n Biology papers, As papers r rite after A2 papers!!! Stress man...!! Both As n A2 chem pract r over already n... guess wat?? A2 chem pract was sumthin totally different or u can say WEIRD! we've never even done it b4 in our life.. Mr.Ravoof said dat it was a really old paper; somewhere during the 1970's!! Btw, he even had a bit of trouble doing d calculations at 1st =S As chem pract calculations was also quite tough... hopefully i got it correct tho'. Bio practs n maths paper r coming soon next week. Eventho we had study leave, my bio tcher asked us to come on 19th n 29th Oct to discuss some papers n observe some slides. I'm actually very worried abt my bio n chem cos i really wanna get good grades for both of them but they're both so difficult. Surprisingly, i prefer to do chemistry more than biology because for bio, we need to write a lot in detail while for chem, we dun need to write as much as bio.

Looking back on wat i wrote, i think i blab too much abt my practs...enough of that now. Ying started her exams today n she hasnt been studying. I told her to study but she doesnt wanna listen to me n i also brought her to d study room to study but she ignored me n went to watch TV. She jes kept watching d TV non-stop n isnt afraid of anything! They're(the kids) jes not afraid of me, i jes wish Jances's here to scold them cos they're always scared of her. As for me, i cant really scold ppl, i'm jes too good bah.. *ahem* hehe.. That's d reason y i'm not fit to be a tcher.

This is d 1st time dat i've never celebrated my sis b'day wif her here in Brunei n i wonder how was her b'day there in uk? was is fun? I hope she'll post all abt it in this blog d next time she blogs. Just to remind my sis, i gave u ur present already ya n i hope ur still wearing it. Make sure u take it off when ur swimming cos if not, it'll lose its shine n look dull. Well... i'm looking forward to seeing u again when u come back in DECEMBER soon!! *HuGs n KiSs3S*

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sin Cheah's B'day and Sze Nee's Bon Voyage!!!

Glad to hear from u sis.. Heard u r doing really fine there in uk n having loads n loads of fun!! Anyway, saw ur blog on ur other site n i really cudn't believe that u were late on ur 1st day of skul! No.. no... no.. this is not like the sister that i noe hehe... =P Anyway, i understand y u were late.. so it's okay!

Well.. It was Sin Cheah's b'day yesterday( 9th Sept) and she invited me, Su Teng, Pei Hwan, Grace, Sze Nee n Haziyah to celebrate her b'day at Pizza Hut(The Mall). Unfortunately, Haziyah couldn't come cos if she were to come, she wouldnt have transport back home. Actually, she was supposed to follow me to the b'day after tuition at 12.30pm. Anyway, by the time i reached there, it was already a quarter b4 1pm. They have already started eating n they ordered this pasta which was really spicy called 'Pesto spaghetti' if i'm not mistaken. Then, there were Garlic bread, chicken wings, another 2 types of pasta n a large pan pizza!! hmm... 'DeLiCioUS' =P. I didnt even noe y i ordered soda water cos it was jes carbonated water without any flavourings or anything else! I actually didnt eat much during d b'day, i had 2 slices of pizza, a chicken wing, a garlic bread n shared some pasta.. my appetite was usually much more than that eventhough i didnt have breakfast at all!

After eating, the pizza hut staff came out with a b'day cake that Sze Nee bought earlier on n sang her 3 types of happy b'day song( the usual one, panjang umur n tis other one). We took a lot of pictures during d b'day using Su Teng's n Sin Cheah's digital camera. After that, we went to Leong Camera to wash the pictures and came back 2 hours later to collect it. We then went back to the mall n watched some dance performances n singing dat B-mobile sponsored i guess.. tze sze (44) , tze cheah n their other sis was performing d dance dat we watched b4 during a wedding function held this year. It was really cool n great! We went window shopping for clothes but Sin Cheah did buy sum nice clothes for herself tho'. Ohh.. btw, i forgot to mention that Su Teng, Pei Hwan n I shared to buy Sin Cheah's present, It was a pink cuddly dolphin n a furry photo frame which was simply adorable- chosen by Su Teng =)

Sin Cheah n Grace then went home after collecting d pics while Su Teng asked me to wait to stop by at her place b4 leaving for the airport at 6pm in order to send Sze Nee off to uk. Bon Voyage to her n hope she'll be having a nice flight! We went there in jes one car which was my car so that it'll be much easier. When we reached there, we ate dinner at Express. Again, i didnt eat much( jes a chicken burger n plain water thats all!) I really didnt noe y i had such a small appetite yesterday! Sze Nee arrived at the airport at arnd 7.20pm n as usual, we took some pics together! She was carrying such 2 heavy bags which weight 15kg altogether! it was like having two heavy metal weights on ur shoulders!! She went in at 7.40pm n we all waved her GoodBye! so sad to see her leave :'(..

We actually decided to go bowling after sending Sze Nee off but apparently we didnt cos it was crowded so we went to d kiulap under ten shop instead where Su Teng bought sumthin for her vacuum cleaner at home. Then, we headed to d place where u(Jances) bought all ur CDs n i bought three 2 in 1-CDs for the kids at home to watch which includes 'A series of Unfortunate events', Looney tunes, big fish, etc.. We walked to the opposite CD shop too called Chong Hock but didnt buy anything frm there tho'. After that, i brought them back home cos it was alredi 10pm(The latest dat we've ever gone out together!!) We broke our record this time cos we've never been out this late b4... Cool! Overall... we had loads of fun n will be looking forward to the next outing together soon which will be after d openig of d 'Hua Ho Mall' hehe... =D

I think tis is the longest blog dat i hav ever written in my whole life!! wow... i should really stop now cos it really getting late! Gotta sleep as i have to attend my sis's(Jessie) Lawyer Graduation thingy in court. All d Best in Life! tata for now (TTFN)...